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Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) has been a leader in firearms manufacturing since its creation in 1936 in Uherský Brod, Czechoslovakia.  CZ’s use of state of the art technology combined with European craftsmanship has gained them worldwide recognition for their incredibly accurate, durable, and dependable line of pistols, centerfire rifles, and rimfire rifles. CZ-USA provides sales and warranty support their Kansas City, Kansas location.

MOJO Outdoors™ continues to expand their product line to bring outdoorsmen and women a broad line of quality products to make all of us more successful and comfortable in the great outdoors.  Their phenomenal product line of motion decoys includes several models of duck decoys, plus goose, dove, crow and owl decoys.  MOJO Outdoors, the number one maker of motion decoys in the WORLD!   Visit them at

FOXPRO’s goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products in the industry. We take great pride in manufacturing our products in the USA. To achieve our goal, FOXPRO is focused on exceeding customer expectations of:

• Customer service that is second to none
• The best warranty in the industry
• Providing the best library of quality sounds available
• Leading technology in our products
• Manufacturing our products in the USA
• Products with the best features for our customers

REALTREE® is the home of America’s most versatile camo patterns.
No matter where you hunt or enjoy the outdoors, there’s no better way to blend in to your surroundings than by wearing REALTREE® or ADVANTAGE®.  Bill Jordan the originator of the Realtree and Advantage Camouflage brands, is also the host of both the Monster Bucks video series and the Realtree Outdoors television show now seen on ESPN2.  See their wonderful array of camouflage patterns at

“Because you only get one chance to make a Lethal Impression”

Through years of predator calling, competitive predator hunting and precise shooting Brent Rueb has developed Predator Sniper Products which encompasses predator calls, predator decoys, shooting sticks and attractants. These wonderful products are utilized by the TBR Outdoors staff in many aspects of hunting. While looking at his superb products, be sure to check out the World Predator and Hunting Expo and the Midwest Coyote Calling Event.

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Varmint Hunter Magazine

Carlson’s Choke Tubes


Lohman, Circe, Big River, Feather Flex, Kenco and M.A.D. Group Product Lines
This great company incorporates M.A.D. Group Product Lines, Lohman Real Sound, Circe, Big River, Feather Flex Decoys and Kenco which offer a variety of products. Some of these products include the following calls: Deer Calls, Elk Calls, Moose Calls, Turkey Calls, Upland Bird Calls, Predator Calls, Duck Calls, Goose Calls. They also have a line of effective decoys:  Deer Decoys (Boss Buck and Redi-Doe), Coyote Decoys (The Lone Howler), Turkey Decoys, Duck Decoys and Goose Decoys. Amazingly, we have only begun to touch the plethora of other products offered by Flambeau Outdoors from Game Feeders to Video’s and DVD’s to Fishing Tackle.

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Ducks Unlimited®

Whitetails Unlimited™

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation® is the Predator Calling Superstore!
They offer a huge selection of Predator, Varmint, Game Bird and Game Animal calls from the largest selection of game call manufacturers. They STOCK thousands of different calling related products from over 100 manufacturers!
Give them a call today at 1-888-826-9683 to talk an experienced and knowledgeable expert!


Teaching you about the habits, biology, and how to hunt coyotes, bobcats, fox, mountain lion, and a few varmints thrown in for good measure is what Predator Masters is all about. We welcome you to the largest Predator Education website on the Internet, Predator Masters, where the hunters become the hunted. We have the largest predator hunting educational forum on the World Wide Web. We're nearing 19,000 "registered" members at a lightning quick pace. Within these pages, you'll find information pertaining to coyotes, bobcats, foxes and even the largest meat eating predators, mountain lion and bears. Our moderator's on the forum are some of the leading predator hunters found in the country, offering advice on every aspect of predators and predator hunting.

The World Predator and Hunting Expo will highlight predator hunting, calling, and the Predator industry as a whole. Predator hunting is ready for its own expo to celebrate its rapid growth. This being said, it is important to highlight the management part of predator calling, hunting, trapping and predation as great wildlife management tools. All wildlife is affected by predator damage.
Don’t miss out on this new and exciting Expo!
Companies, organizations, vendors and attendees can contact Brent Rueb for further information. Advanced discounted tickets for the Expo will be sold thru and from sponsored retail stores. Tickets will go on sale, June 2008. Tickets will also be available at the Expo.  - Event Promoter – Brent Rueb

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Predator Xtreme Magazine

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